Saturday, 28 August 2021

Christmas Celebrations 2021 - XMAS 2021


Every religion has their own festivals and religious days which are not only a source of happiness, cheerfulness but they also celebrate these days with the intention of getting reward from the God. Like any other religion, Christianity has its religious days and festivals. One of the religious festivals of Christians is “Christmas” which is widely celebrated all around the world on the birth anniversary of Jesus on 25th December every year by Christians and Non-Christians as well. 25th December is not the confirmed date of Jesus birth as it is not mentioned in the Bible; this date was collectively decided by pope 1 and church as Jesus birth anniversary.

People celebrate this Christmas Day with passion, enthusiasm, spirit and joy. The spirit and enthusiasm of celebrating this festival is what makes this festival more fascinating and enjoyable. This day is celebrated with many traditional customs and modern ideas differently in different countries around the globe. Christmas is not only celebrated on 25th December but also on 24th December which is the night before Christmas known as “Christmas Eve”, second day is known as the “day of Christmas” and the third day is celebrated a day after Christmas on 26th December known as the “boxing day”.

Traditionally it is believed that Jesus was born at night so a midnight mass is celebrated on Christmas Eve. Celebrating the midnight mass is traditional in the Roman Catholic Church just before the midnight which is the act of worship in Catholic Church but now many churches keep their midnight mass a little earlier for families to return back their homes on time. Before Christmas people usually clean their houses, churches, streets, shops before Christmas and they decorate their houses with lights. They decorate a Christmas tree with lights, flowers, candles and many other decorating elements.

Different countries have different cultures and values as in Western countries people usually do not have enough time to link up with friends and relatives but on this festival people visit their relatives where they distribute gifts, eat good appetite, exchange greeting cards, organize feasts, sing Christmas carols and they spend enjoyable moments. On this day children become very delighted because Santa Claus brings gifts for them. On this day, people visit Churches where they light candles and worship the Jesus as well as per the teachings of Jesus they buy gifts and clothes for the needy to make the badly off happy on this festival. On Christmas day they place boxes on churches to collect money for poor and on the “boxing day” they opened them on this day it was a day off for servants of the wealthy, and the day when they received a special Christmas box from their masters.

Christmas is a festival of happiness, peace, harmony and joy for all. It brings happiness among all on the children as well as adults and on the masters as well as on the servants. Christmas convey the message of where there is love, hope, light and life the plan and purpose of God will reach. Merry Christmas! May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with exhilaration.”

Wishing You and Your Family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Author: Humaira Sadiq